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Make the city your office

There is always a hungry customer to deliver to. It's easy: sign up, get your gear and hit the road.

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Enjoy Flexibility

With foodora, you can build your own work schedule.

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Flexible hours

Decide when to deliver and spend your time off doing what you love.

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Using the best technology available, short routes, competitions, perks and much more!

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Refer your friends

Earn up to NOK 750-1500 NOK per referred friend!

Some things you'll need:

  • An iPhone 6s with iOS 15 (or newer) or an Android phone 6.0 (or newer) with data.
  • A bicycle, car or scooter.
  • To be able to understand and make yourself understood in either Norwegian or English.
  • To be at least 18 years of age.

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I like the freelance agreement so that I can choose which and how many shifts I want to take. Furthermore, I like food delivering itself, especially with my bike, because I really like riding my bike. So being able to make money by it is pretty cool. I also have had very good experiences with dispatch and my regional manager if I have anything I need help with. So for now I've had a good time.

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foodora practice a unique socio-cultural environment which offers an opportunity for everyone regardless of age, religion and race...It creates a friendly environment to interact and meet people from different backgrounds who are working together towards the same organisational goals/objectives.

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